Andrew Hoy Clinic

Andrew Hoy Eventing
Unique South Australian Opportunity 
to learn from 
Olympian 3 Times Eventing Gold Medallist

Andrew Hoy 

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Hoy, Hoy Hoy

"... congratulating all four members of the team (Dutton, Ryan, and Stuart Tinney), this variation on the normal cry was a salute to Hoy, who had just become the first Australian other than Dawn Fraser to win three gold medals in a row."  Sport Australia Hall of Fame
"The place to be is an Andrew Hoy clinic. The Australian eventing legend has a lot of advice for your time in the saddle, and for life in general." The Horse Magazine
Andrew Hoy has represented Australia at seven Olympic Games from Barcelona in 1984 to London in 2012 winning three Gold and one Silver medal.
Andrew Hoy
The Riding Patch is very proud to welcome Andrew Hoy to Strathalbyn for a two day jumping clinic.

WHEN:    Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18 November 2015 
         preceding Australia's International 3 Day Event in Adelaide

Each rider will enjoy 2 x 90 minute sessions with Andrew each day - 4 riders per session.

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